§ Martin Creed’s Understanding

Martin Creed's UnderstandingI basically crashed the party for Public Art Fund‘s unveiling of the latest public art installment in Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 6 (map to the right). This one is by the wonderful English artist and polymath Martin Creed. I’m not going tell you the meaning, what-for, or philosophy of Understanding. PAF has done that here and they’re a helluva lot more qualified. But I did get to hear Martin tell about it in a somewhat humorous way. has a page that goes in-depth into Martin and his art.

Anywhoo, what I never did hear was whether the great Nick Lowe song (What’s so Funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding had anything to do with it. He mentioned that he wanted to do three pieces but there was only enough money for one. That’s what happens when it’s a 48 ft-long and 25 ft-tall red neon sculpture!

I had a fun old time at the dedication and met some really interesting people including Seth Cohen from the Public Art Fund who introduced himself while I was just standing and looking around and perhaps looking a bit lost.

I’ve been fiddling with iMovie so I created a music video of the event using Nick Lowe’s wonderful “What’s so Funny ’bout) Peace, Love & Understanding.” It’s on Youtube or click below.