§ Lilkool & Brooklyn Street Art

LilKool's partnerUsually I traum about these posts and as a result they take forevah. Draft after draft after….you get the idea. But I’m writing about street art and street art can happen on a dime. So….

I was walking around Sunday taking pictures of, well, just stuff….a Gowanus Canal bridge, people, the canal and….lots of street art and some graffiti. I came across two guys working on a wall. I liked what I saw so we started chatting. The designer/artist goes by LilKool (also @Lilkool on Instagram) and he’s prolific and talented. I’m sorry I don’t remember his partner’s name. Anyway here’s a few shots of the unfinished work. Hint: there’ll be black lining to the color shapes though I’ll admit to liking the cloud-like look too. Below I’ll also included a couple of LK’s paintings. The art is at the corner of Sackett and Bond in Gowanus. By the way, they really, really need a scissor lift to finish the top half so if you have one…Click below for a screen show.

There was a lot of other interesting and elaborate work in Gowanus, much more than I’ve seen in the Slope. I’m not really drawn to the Dungeons/Dragons look of many of these works but the skill is undeniable. All this work is in a small area bound by 3rd St, Bond, Butler, and 3rd Ave with most on or just off Bond and Nevins on the other (East) side of the canal. Check these out too. I’ll add some artist identifiers when I have a chance. You, though, just need to take a tour of Gowanus!

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