Burnsville: New Videos

The folks in Burnsville have been busy, and local filmmaker Chanse Simpson is developing video documentation of the Burnsville SmART Initiative project. So far there are two videos.

Part 1 focuses on the development of the Vision Plan that is a collaborative process among public artist Jack Mackie, the region’s Toe River Arts Council, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the people of Burnsville and the Toe River region. Jack describes the Burnsville SmART Initiative and the three key Gateways, and he explores the role of the town’s Dark Sky designation (one of 31 in the world) as a key thematic focus of the project.

Part 1 opening graphic
Click to view the video

Part 2 focuses on the artists creating the glass globes that will be used in the Gateway telescopes you see above. It’s filmed at the renowned Penland School of Crafts near Burnsville. The video showcases the glass artists at Penland creating the unique glass elements that will make the gateway project so special. Glass artists Rob Levin, Kenny Pieper, Hayden Wilson and Dave Wilson, and Courtney Dodd are featured.

The glass artists
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